Dead Man Waking is the story of Eddie Wilkins, prison bound, heroin addicted and caught in a life that has consumed him. Riding fast Harleys and running with outlaw gang members has captured all of Eddie’s passions. He has a knack for crime and a partner he can depend on and together they cut a swath through the underbelly of Orange County. 

A motorcycle accident finds Eddie on the couch of an old farmer where he travels back through the past and into his childhood trying to unravel the mystery of how he got to where he is. 

Dead Man Waking is a fast read that fulfills the curiosity about the darker side of life while at the same time engenders a sense of hope and the feeling that you really want to know what is going to happen to Eddie next.

Eddie represents a demographic. He is the guy doing life in prison in a maximum security facility, he is the guy who overdosed on heroin so his buddies threw his body in a dumpster, he is the guy who used to be a gunslinger but is now toothless and pushing a shopping cart down the street talking to himself. 

He is the young girl who was viciously molested by someone she trusted and ended up in a life of drug addiction and prostitution. But also Eddie is the guy who fought through and found forgiveness, grace and love in God and emerged from his own personal hell to a life of victory.