Peter C. Cropsey lives in Costa Mesa California with his wife Dawn and their two daughters Paige and Harlow. He hasn’t been in the back seat of a cop car since 1987. Prior to that he stole everything he drove, lived in Motels and gang clubhouses, shot dope every day and never stepped outside without a pistol. He paroled from Corcoran state prison Sept 3 1989 with a deep desire to change.

He immersed himself in a program of recovery and the change came. In 2001 he graduated from Calvary Chapel School of Ministry and was ordained a pastor at Calvary Chapel Laguna. For twenty years he has helped men stuck in the life of drugs and prison to turn it around. During that time he has been a heavy equipment operator, custom motorcycle builder, cattle rancher, the co-founder of a men’s treatment center and a pastor. 

Peter and Dawn currently leads First Love Church in Costa Mesa California.,

Peter C. Cropsey is a man who believes that God can turn the rut into a groove every time and that it is possible to change even the darkest lives into lives of hope and light. 

He has a saying, 

“Two things I have learned. One, that as long as you are breathing there is hope and two, with God all things are possible.”