Dead Man Waking


 I loaded the entire first chapter of Dead Man Waking so you could get a true feel for the style of the writing and also so you could begin to develop a relationship with Eddie. Don’t however let the first chapter make you think you know how it is going to go. This story will take you through a cultural tour of the sixties as you see how Eddie was created. 

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 This sequel is going to take you back into Eddie’s life riding on a thunderbolt! Again I posted the entire first chapter just to get you going! You can expect it to be available on amazon in October of 2011. 

Living Life 365/24/7


 Pastor Peter C. Cropsey’s interpretation of a daily devotional written with two scriptures in the forefront of the writing process. It is Pastor Pete’s hope that the unconventional and edgy style will appeal to a group of people who might not go for a traditional daily reading. No matter what our demographic or lifestyle we all need God’s Word.

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