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Peter Cropsey is an ordained pastor who has planted two churches that are thriving in God's grace. He and his wife Dawn are presently planting a new work in Costa Mesa California called First Love Church. Peter's life prior to salvation has given him a deep insight into the obstacles that people coming from lives of addiction, prison and the streets face when trying to change. He believes church should be a hospital for sinners not a museum for saints. His preaching inspires conviction and hope for the not yet saved, discipleship for the new believer, and is expository in style, challenging the seasoned saint to a deeper walk with the Lord. His testimony is one of a dark and depraved life, drugs, prisons and gangs and God's relentless pursuit of a man's soul. It speaks of God's great grace and ability to redeem even the most broken sinner for His glory. Peter is available to speak at your church for a mid week or Sunday service. Contact us at the number or email listed below.


In 1989 Peter started a 12 step meeting in the Santa Ana California Department of Corrections Parole Office. It grew so large that the parole office granted an immunity to arrest edict for anyone present at the meeting. It was not uncommon to find up to 100 of the areas hardest addicts present there. Realizing that many of these men had nowhere to go Peter and a long time friend started a sober living home catering to convicts. Eventually they founded a treatment center that was more mainstream but neither man ever lost their heart for the low bottom addict/alcoholic. Peter has a unique ability to speak meaningfully to business men as easily as he does to gangsters and convicts. He is available to speak at your facility.


After having been invited to participate in Read Across America at a local elementary school Peter realized the importance of promoting literacy and education as well as abstinence from drugs to our young students. He began to make himself available to schools to speak with their at risk populations. Peter has spoken at all grade levels from second through twelfth. The kids gravitate to his tattoos and menacing look but are held by his deep concern for them and his ability to speak to them where they are at. Peter would love to help you with your students. References are available on request.


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